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2012 Annual Conference

The 2012 Annual Conference, Transforming our Centers to Transform the Church and the World, was held January 22-27, 2012 at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, Alabama. We welcomed keynote presentations from:


Mike Schut, Seattle, Washington

Michael Schut is Economic and Environmental Affairs Officer for the Episcopal Church and editor of three books with community-building study guides including 'Simpler Living, Compassionate Life: A Christian Perspective.'

Michael coordinates and provides resources for various eco-justice programs in the church and speaks and leads workshops/retreats connecting faith, justice, economics and ecology. He represented the Episcopal Church on a Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships White House Task Force on Environment and Climate Change. Michael has worked with homeless men, served as a Park Ranger, and led wilderness trips. He received his M.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon in 1993 and his B.S. in Biology in 1987 from Wheaton College in Illinois. He likes to backpack, climb, sing, read, and spend time with his nephew, Carter. He lives in Seattle.

Lisa Kimball, Ph.D. - Alexandria, Virginia

Lisa Kimball joined the Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) faculty in 2009 as Director of the Center for Ministry of Teaching, and Professor of Christian Formation and Congregational Leadership.

Lisa received her Ph.D. in Work, Community, and Family Education from the University of Minnesota in 2007.  Her dissertation, “Being Godparent: A Dialogical Hermeneutic Study of Godparenthood” wove together her interests in human development, experiential learning, faith formation, church history, and popular culture.  She earned a M.Ed. in Youth Development Leadership from the University of Minnesota in 2001, and an A.B. in Human Biology with a concentration in Cross-Cultural Communications from Stanford University in 1980. 

Lisa’s published writing includes book chapters, journal articles, book reviews and regular articles for professional publications such as Vestry Papers and Giving.  She is also a member of ECCC's National Council.

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