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2017's Peter Bergstrom Leadership Award Presented

On January 16, 2017, we presented the second annual Peter Bergstrom Leadership Award, which recognizes a member of our community who has been a mentor and an advocate of the camping and retreat ministry.

Last year's recipient, Peter Bergstrom, presented this year's award, to someone who has always been actively available to support the organization and its members:

"Like Google, this person has been an open source of tips, insight and resources that come with 39+ years of experience."

Our award winner has been a mentor to many people in this organization at all job levels. This person has helped our organization develop a relationship with the American Camp Association and has personally been a sounding board to camps as they go through accreditation. Our award winner took their own camp from being in the red, with dropping attendance, to being ACA accredited, self-sustaining, and a point of pride for its diocese, along the way developing many innovative camp programs, always with same goal: help campers to build self esteem.

Join us in thanking Bill Tubbs, Executive Director at Camp Huston, for his years of caring, wise guidance and friendship.