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Upcoming Future Planning Facilitation Workshops

No upcoming dates planned.

ECCC faciliated Building the Continuum workshops throughout 2012 and 2013 at various centers, and has now shifted its focus to holding facilitation training events, so that directors and board members can learn how to facilitate the future-planning process for their own centers. Training events have been held at Camp Galilee in Nevada, Dayspring Conference Center in Florida and the Barbara C. Harris Center in New Hampshire. Directors from 18 centers have attended these trainings!

Take control of the future:

  • A Future Planning program at your camp or center helps directors and board members proactively and creatively prepare for the next 5-10 years.
  • The three-day/two-night Future Planning Facilitation Workshop equips directors to facilitate a Future Planning program with your staff, board or ministry leaders in your diocese.
  • The training workshop provides the context, materials and training to facilitate this program with your own team at your own site.

Are you interested in attending a training workshop? Please contact ashley@episcopalccc.org to be informed of upcoming trainings.

About the Building the Continuum Project 

The Building the Continuum Initiative empowers Episcopal camps and conference centers to proactively prepare for an uncertain future. 

Inspired by the framing question: How might Christian lifelong faith formation over the next ten years affect the renewal and transformation of the Episcopal Church in 21st century America?, the initiative has been guided by three goals:

    To analyze the present realities and future uncertainties in the church and world, and envision potential futures for Episcopal Christian formation in a diversity of settings, such as schools, congregations and retreat, camp and conference centers, over the next 5-10 years.
  1. To develop a shared language and understanding of the future of Christian formation in the Episcopal Church by creating four scenarios/narratives for the future.
  2. To guide the development of more comprehensive strategic planning and action that envisions multiple futures for Christian formation in the Episcopal Church.

At the kickoff "Summit" event in November 2011, seventy leaders from a variety of ministry settings gathered to envision the potential future shape of faith formation in the Episcopal Church.

Through a scenario planning process the participants identified significant forces affecting faith formation and determined two critical uncertainties that will have a significant impact on future directions, which, when placed on axes of extremes, create four scenarios/narratives to capture the possibilities for the future of faith formation:

Will the continuing evolution of technology enhance human community and connection or will technology diminish community and connections among people?

Will people become more engaged with the Episcopal tradition and mission in a technological world or more disengaged/detached from the tradition and mission?

Camps and centers who go through a Building the Continuum workshop consider how to operate within each scenario, and therefore how to prepare for success in each of them.

Building the Continuum Workshop Materials

The Continuum in Action

The future is already here; it's just not evenly distributed.

There are stories, data, anecdotes we all come across daily that speak to the impact of technologies on community, and individuals engagement with (or disengagement from) the mission and tradition of the Episcopal church. As we come across thought-provoking, interesting, or telling examples, we'll be posting them here.

Please share your own stories as well! To share something you've come across, please send summaries, quotes, links, photos or videos to ashleyATepiscopalccc.org.