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Origin Story:

A short time ago...

In Tempe, Arizona...

Two humble members of Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers association, arrived in Arizona a day before the October board and national council meeting.

They had dinner at a fine establishment, and asked each other "what should we do now?" Bowling came to the top of the list!

So they bowled, happened to be cosmic darker lanes with black lights, then headed to Chapel Rock - Camp and Retreat Center for their meeting.

Fast forward to January 2009, Jackson, Mississippi...

ECCC just had a successful Annual Conference, and three people had later flights so some time available before flying home.  And the original two, suggested lunch and bowling and so they went.

A fellowship known as the ECCC Bowling Society was established!

Those original 2008 two were Bill Slocumb and Van Beers.  The 2009 three were Dave White, PJ Williamson & Tim Green.

ECCC Bowling Society - January 2010

ECCC Bowling Society - January 2011

ECCC Bowling Society - January 2012

ECCC Bowling Society - January 2013

ECCC Bowling Society - January 2014

Happy Bowling Everyone!