“Hospitality is not to change people,
but to offer them space where change can take place.” 
- Henri Nouwen

Positions of service are the backbone to any successful camp and conference center. It is our responsibility to create inviting spaces that will allow Christ a place to speak to our guests. As we “set the table”, we face choices and obstacles that directly impact the guest experience. This conference is designed to offer best practices and create a network for service supervisors. We will guide you through the physical and spiritual challenges of providing Holy Hospitality.

During each workshop timeslot, four workshops will be offered, two on a maintenance track, and two on a food service track. 

Maintenance Workshop Topics 

  • Preventative Maintenance and Challenges We Face
  • Trends in Energy Efficiency 
  • Wildlife and Property Management 
  • Volunteer Management 
  • Master Planning 
  • The Role of Maintenance in Programming

Food Workshop Topics 

  • Growing & Using On-Site Gardens 
  • The Role of Kitchen in Programming 
  • Working within a Budget and Food Philosophy: Menu Planning & Recipe Sharing
  • Addressing Dietary Needs 
  • "A Place at the Table": The Kitchen's Voice in Organizational Decisions 
  • Hands-On Kitchen Session


Plan to arrive by 5PM on Monday, December 5, and depart after 10AM on Thursday, December 8. The above topics will be offered in parallel tracks, with meals, worship, and social time as shared community time. We'll also enjoy the grounds of the Duncan Gray Center, as well as a southern barbeque dinner.


We hope your center will take advantage of this opportunity to support and empower your maintenance and food service staff: