ECCC Membership

We provide many Member Benefits including:

  • Continuing Education for Center and Program Staff Members
  • Resources :Access to fellow ECCC Members for Surveys, Access to Website for Job Listings, Phone contact w/ ECCC Staff for specific questions
  • Visibility of Center -Your center is listed on this website, ECCC booth at General Convention. 

Benefits of ECCC Membership

  • Continuing Education for Center and Program Staff Members
    • Annual Conference: An opportunity full of information, workshops, new ideas and a chance to share with professional peers (your dues enable the planning and development of this conference)
  • Resources
    • Availability to poll membership to get variety of responses on current concerns through Director of Member Services email
    • Use of a relevant operational database to assist in budget formation and performance evaluation
    • Access to listing on ECCC, Inc. Website
      • Job posting for Summer Time Positions
    • Phone contact w/ ECCC office for help with specific questions
  • Visibility of Center - Available to all camps and centers but enabled by dues
    • Your Camp or Center or Program is listed on ECCC, Inc. Website
    • Every Bishop has a current directory and receives mailings
    • Representation with American Camps Association (ACA) and other similar organizations
    • ECCC Booth at General Convention
    • Bi-annual Newsletter to mailing list over 500

Cost of Membership

Active Membership costs 1/10th of 1% of the centers/programs operating budget.


If you are interested in our Consulting Services check out our Consulting Services page...