Education Opportunity: Lutheran Outdoors Ministries Conference

The Lutheran Outdoors Ministries Conference has offered ECCC the opportunity for two of our members to attend their upcoming conference, November 10-14, in Wisconsin at no charge. (Participants would be responsible for their own travel.)

Take a deep breath and let it out. The conference will be digging deep into the practice and rhythm of balanced ministry. The elements of breathing in our ministry are shaped by these practices that re-center us and send us into the world we are called serve. Getting not only yourself, but also your people, your programs and your places ready to do ministry is vital. Each day the conference schedule will mirror the elements of breathing as we inhale, rest and exhale.

Read more here, and let Bill know if you're interested in attending.


The 2013 newsletter is out!

Get up-to-date on the latest happenings in ECCC, and around our member centers, with the annual newsletter, coming soon to a mailbox near you, and also available for download here.


That's a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Annual Conference at Kanuga Conference Center in North Carolina! Visit our Facebook page to see photos from this year's conference.

Presentations & Workshop Resources

If you presented a workshop and have materials to share with the wider ECCC Membership, please email them to:


Visionary & Advocacy Council decides on New Name 

The new name decided is "ECCC Visionary and Advocacy Council" better reflects the mission/focus of what had been known as the "National Council for the Advancement of Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers'

Council Members help expand and broaden the vision of the ECCC Board of Directors and serve as advocates for camp and conference center ministry at all levels of the Episcopal Church! 

Check out the ECCC Update Advent Edition article and contact Peter Bergstrom at if you would like to nominate someone for membership of the Council.


Episcopal Traveler at General Convention – Breakdown by Day

Hello everyone!  Just had an excellent General Convention where me, Peter Bergstrom and a whole cast of volunteers, helped run the ECCC Booth.

*** History Note ***

The first ever Episcopal General Convention was held in 1785 in Philadelphia, with the House of Deputies being formed first, since there were no bishops in the newly formed United States.  Hence this was the 77th General Convention!

Sunday, July 1st

Bill unpacks the car in the exhibit hall and picks up Peter Bergstrom at the airport.

Monday, July 2nd

Set up booth, shopping run for the next 9 days,  dinner with our friends from Formation and Vocation ministries, Bronwyn Skov, Ruth Ann Collins, Jason Sierra, Valarie Harris, and others to help their booth or the Official Youth Presence.

Tuesday July 3rd

Final touches on booth setup, exhibit hall opened at noon. (Soft Open :) )  Map is of all 85 sites and 20 dioceses that rent facilites for the summer.  People stopped by the booth, to put a map pin in the map for there camps or centers!


Wednesday, July 4th

Exhibit Hall opens and deputies, bishops and guests that are early arrivals start stopping by and saying hello.  Let the networking begin, found out about new Interim at Hardtner, diocese Western Louisiana, and how things are going at Camp Stoney, diocese of Rio Grande (New Mexico).  Cookout dinner with a few ECCC supporters.

Thursday, July 5th


Steady flow of people stopping by.

Friday, July 6th

More pins being put into map, and people are getting the ECCC shirts.  Peter and Bill go to CREDO reception.

Meeting of the ECCC Bowling Society :) (also met on the 3rd)

Saturday, July 7th

Peter addresses House of Bishops!

Bill and Peter go to Episcopal Church Foundation reception.

Sunday, July 8th

Head to worship in the morning, packed house, then at 11:30 people head to Diocese of Indianapolis event at Victory Field.  Wearing their camp and retreat center gear. :)


Early afternoon, ECCC presented Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and Dick Schori, with Hero of Camping Awards!!!  Given by Natalie Weir, Board of Directors President from Waycross Episcopal Center, and comments from Peg Smith, CEO of American Camp Association.


Full Article by Hannah Wilder, that went out on Episcopal News Service

Monday, July 9th

ECCC received an United Thank Offering (UTO) grant for continuation of the Continuum project, that started with the Summit in November 2011.  St. Crispin’s Camp and Conference Center, Diocese of Oklahoma, also received a grant, to be used on a challenge/ropes course!

Tuesday, July 10th

Last day of exhibit hall, and final image of the map, with 400+ pins, over the course of the whole week!

Thank you to the following people for coming to help out at the booth:

Natalie Weir, Marcia Taylor & Van, Jane and Jen Beers, Scott Rudd – Waycross Center

Christine Tokarz – Procter Center

Chris Hamby – Diocese of Lexington

Jimmy Haden – Kanuga Conferences, Inc.

Thomas Morris – St. Mary’s Sewannee Retreat Center

Carla Odell – Day Spring Conference Center

Hannah Wilder – Diocese of San Diego – Thank you for Article!