Summer Staf Manager --Bethany Village (Camp McDowell), Nauvoo, AL (Diocese of Alabama)

The Bethany Summer Staff Manager (BSSM) is a full-time seasonal position that is responsible for general supervision of all Bethany Summer Staff and attends to the many details that make the smooth running of summer camps and farm projects possible. The BSSM is the primary role model and leader of the Bethany Summer Staff, setting a sound, organized, and enthusiastic example. The BSSM is a liaison between other McDowell Staff (paid and volunteer). The BSSM is instrumental in guiding the other staff members to facilitate and support the mission and tasks of the McDowell Farm, Bethany Summer Camps, and Camp McDowell as a whole. The BSSM is a resident advisor for Grace House, ensuring standards of community living are wellknown to the staff residents and mechanisms are in place to assist staff in adhering to those standards. The Bethany Summer Staff Manager is accountable to and works in collaboration with the Director of the Farm, the Director of Staff and Logistics for Summer Camps and Retreats, and the Director of Programming for Summer Camps & Retreats.

Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  • to serve as an example of sacramental ministry 
  • attend and participate in Staff Training (begins May 17)
  • provide feedback and assessment for staff members, farm, and summer camp program
  • to act as a role model and leader for the other Bethany Summer Staff members
  • have frequent and communication with above Directors and Session Directors (at pre-camp)
  • to create schedules and staff assignments for farm projects and summer camps in Bethany and in Clear Creek
  • to act as a communication liaison between Summer Staff and permanent McDowell staff (Department Heads, Kitchen and Maintenance Staff)
  • to work with Directors in planning and facilitate regular staff meetings, facilitate an evaluation session at the end of each camp session, and an end of summer evaluation
  • facilitate daily worship and reflection with the Summer Staff 
  • to support the spiritual formation of staff members, recognizing each role as a ministry 
  • to ensure that staff members carry out their daily tasks 
  • to ensure that adequate supervision is provided for all summer camp and farm activities 
  • to inform Directors of any camper or staff problems or issues 
  • to work with the Bethany Summer Camps Manager to make sure canteen inventory is well stocked, organized, clean, and operating well
  • perform support staff tasks if needed: doing KP, pushing dishes, staffing canteen, helping with Pasture Party, and other tasks that fall within the scope of operational support 
  • participate in projects on the farm including: planting projects, animal projects, miscellaneous projects, and leading campers on the farm, when not performing other administrative duties
  • check cabins for cleanliness and report any repairs needed 
  • vigilantly ensure the safety and well-being of campers while under his/her watch 
  • uphold and enforce high standards of behavior and impeccable standards of safety of the Bethany Summer Staff
  • other tasks as deemed appropriate for the scope of the position.

The Bethany Staff Manager needs to be able to:

  • be flexible and work with a variety of management styles
  • be able to make decisions under pressure
  • listen reflectively
  • motivate others and be willing to confront others when the need arises
  • encourage and praise the work of others
  • delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • organize and keep track of details
  • plan an agenda and facilitate a meeting
  • manage money when needed
  • maintain a friendly and understanding attitude with campers
  • maintain a professional demeanor with all members of Camp McDowell’s staff, the Bethany Summer Staff and the Session Staff of summer camps 
  • operate with a high level of independence and take responsibility for his/her own health
  • exercise maturity and accountability in communal living befitting to a representative of Camp McDowell
  • display joyful approach to interacting, supervising, teaching & caring for children with a range of abilities
  • maintain a high level of enthusiasm, energy, flexibility, and a sense of humor
  • be a team player: know when to follow, when to lead, and when to ask for help 
  • appreciate that no task is too mundane for any person on our team!

Compensation Package:

  • $250/week 
  • Housing 
  • All meals 

Dates of Employment:

  • May 15 - August 7 
  • Coordination (spring) and evaluation/follow up (fall) are TBA. 


Director of Music & Drama Camp -- Shrine Mont Camps: Orkney Springs, VA (Diocese of VA)

Music and Drama (MAD) is a high-energy camp focused on the preparation of a biblically based musical that features the unique talents of each performer. Campers make the musical their own by learning songs and movements and creating sets and costumes. In addition, we swim, hike, play games, worship and make life-long friends. The oldest session of high schoolers takes their show "on the road". Campers tour around the Shenandoah Valley performing their show, meeting enthusiastic audiences, and seeing a professional musical. Be a star! Join us at MAD Camp!

Directors are expected to live on site for an extended period of time over the summer. You will hire and lead your staff of (mostly) college-aged counselors. Experience specific to your camp is preferred, but not required.

Apply here.


Director of St. Sebastian's Sports Camp -- Shrine Mont Camps: Orkney Springs, VA (Diocese of VA)

St. Sebastian's Sports Camp is a great place for campers to play all of their favorite games while learning the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and the importance of staying fit. During the day, campers build fundamental skills and scrimmage in a wide variety of sports, including old favorite standbys like soccer and basketball as well as newer sports like ultimate frisbee and King Ball. Evenings are filled to the brim with activities like camp fires, games, hikes, worship, swimming, songs and everything else that makes a week at camp great.

Directors are expected to live on site for an extended period of time over the summer. You will hire and lead your staff of (mostly) college-aged counselors. Experience specific to your camp is preferred, but not required.

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Director of St. Andrew's Camp -- Shrine Mont Camps: Orkney Springs, VA (Diocese of VA)

This is an intimate, "family-style," camp setting offered for children who thrive in an environment with high levels of structure and personal attention. This is an excellent camp for children with specific social, environmental or behavioral needs; past campers have been on the autism spectrum or had severe ADHD. The small number of campers allows kids to be introduced to a camp program that is less overwhelming in size, but still offers camping, art, swimming, singing, sports, and worship together. The camper/staff ratio is 2:1 and maximum number of campers is 10.

Directors are expected to live on site for an extended period of time over the summer. You will hire and lead your staff of (mostly) college-aged counselors. Experience specific to your camp is preferred, but not required.

Apply here.


Head Counselor -- Camp Washington, Lakeside, CT (Episcopal Church in Connecticut)

Camp Washington, the official Camp and Conference Center of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT), is seeking a dynamic, energetic, and compassionate Head Counselor for the summer of 2017.

We are a residential summer camp program with a summer staff of approximately 30.

Our Place in Morris, CT is a sacred place where God’s love for the world, made known to us in Jesus Christ, is shared with all God’s people through the ministry of camp. We are an inviting, diverse, accepting community that offers a safe place for reflection and renewal, education and training that encourages creativity and a sense of adventure by exploring and experiencing God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation.

The Head Counselor is a full-time seasonal position, beginning in Mid-June, and running through Mid-August. The Head Counselor works in partnership with the Camp Director and Assistant Director to further the mission of Camp Washington through the development of staff and co-management of the summer camp program. The Head Counselor may function as an alternate director of the summer camp program in the absence of the Camp Director, and answers to the Camp Director and Executive Director of Camp Washington.

Applicants should be at least 21 years of age, and possess:

  • Previous experience supervising peers.
  • Desire and ability to work with and teach children and young adults in the outdoors.
  • Desire and ability to create an emotionally and physically safe environment for children.
  • Ability and experience in supervising and scheduling staff.
  • Ability to work with one’s peer group.
  • Ability to interact with parents.
  • Ability to accept supervision and guidance.
  • Experience with group dynamics and conflict resolution.
  • Strong organizational skills. 
  • Willingness to be open minded towards spiritual exploration.
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control.
  • Good character, integrity, flexibility & adaptability.
  • Current CPR and first aid certifications.
  • 21 years of age or older desired. 

Compensation Includes:

  • Room And Board (private room with shared bathroom, occasionally in cabin if necessary) 
  • Access to On-Site Healthcare 
  • Staff Shirt 
  • Memories that will last a lifetime! 

Job Requirements

The Head Counselor works as part of the administrative team and helps to supervise the daily operation of camp programming, with specific eye towards staff performance, development, and oversight.

Specific Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Serve as immediate supervisor of and resource for cabin counselors. 
  • Formulate community & staffing schedules in conjunction with administrative team. 
  • Help ensure positive morale by providing professional support to staff as well as recreational opportunities and assist in planning end of season celebration.
  • Identify and report staff and camper concerns to the Camp Director. 
  • Assist in daily programs as needed.
  • Visit cabins daily as a supervisory tool but also to provide opportunities to get to know campers and staff.
  • Take part in morning administration meetings.
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings for cabin counselors.
  • Conduct mid-season & end of season evaluations of all cabin counselors.
  • Be aware of staff morale and report any concerns to the Camp Director.
  • Be a congenial and polite co-worker, while helping others to do the same.
  • Assist in running the CIT program in conjunction with the Assistant Director and Camp Director.
  • Assist in the planning & implementation of pre-season & in-service staff training.
  • Ensure that the cleanliness of the cabins is maintained on a daily basis, reporting any health/safety concerns to the Camp Director.
  • Strive to learn the likes and dislikes of the campers and share observations with counselors.
  • Encourage respect for individuals and their differences.
  • Be aware of camper moods and make counselors aware of any concerns.
  • Assist counselors in providing opportunities for the group so that each camper experiences success during the camp session. 

In addition, the A.D. will help to fulfill other administrative roles as needed, including:

  • Prepare for and actively participate in staff orientation, in-service training, evening programs and special events. 
  • Make personal and professional decisions and demonstrate behaviors that are in-line with the camp philosophy which will help to foster a quality program for both campers and staff.
  • Meet all deadlines set forth by supervisors.
  • Follow, and assist in enforcing, all camp rules and regulations pertaining to staff behavior outlined in the staff manual including, but not limited to: smoking, use of alcoholic beverages, interpersonal relations and the use of drugs.
  • A willingness to perform duties that do not require specialized training that may be outside of previously assigned job descriptions.
  • Assist in planning specialty camp sessions.
  • Serve as an alternate Cabin Counselor as needed. 
To apply, please visit, or contact Matthew Cornish, Camp Director at