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Summer Staff -- DaySpring, Parrish, FL (Diocese of Southwest Florida)

DaySpring summer camp in southwest Florida is hiring the following summer staff positions for summer camp 2019.

Minimum Requirements for all staff:

  • Complete required background check,
  • Successful completion of Safeguarding God’s Children (Camp Modules),
  • Full participation in staff training (May 30-June 4)
  • The ability to be a team player and be emotionally and spiritually mature,
  • Completion of all six sessions of summer camp.

Head Counselor

  • Mentor counselors and junior counselors to ensure that they are prepared and equipped for all responsibilities,
  • Lead Junior Counselor Orientation for all new junior counselors at 12:30pm on Opening Day of each session,
  • Lead and facilitate daily junior counselor meetings and training,
  • Lead the part of the “Closing Day” staff meeting to coordinate which counselors will volunteer to lead the various Counselors’ Programs for the upcoming session (such as Counselor Hunt, Skit Night/Talent Show, Prayer Stations, etc.),
  • Work with counselors during session to ensure successful preparation and implementation of Counselors’ Program each evening,
  • Eat meals with counselors and campers and provide informal check-ins with counselors to discuss progress,
  • Support cabin counselors each night to ensure that they are prepared for cabin devotions and all camper needs.

Camp Nurse

  • Work with Camp Director and Associate Camp Director to ensure health and safety of all campers and staff,
  • Offer an opportunity for all parents/families at check-in to discuss camper medical needs,
  • Manage all camper and staff medicine and treatment,
  • Manage all medical files and documentation for dispensing medicine and treatment,
  • Return all medicine and devices to parents after Closing Eucharist at end of session,
  • Manage “Lost and Found” table in Program Center during session and help all items return to parents after Closing Eucharist at end of session,
  • Supervise daily Clean Cabin Award and announce winner at lunch to determine order of sign-up for Camper’s Choice,
  • Provide ongoing check-ins with staff to discuss physical and mental health.

Counselor- Music Leader

  • Lead music in mornings after energizers (sometimes), after dinner, during Chaplains’ Program if requested, during Compline, and the Closing Eucharist of each session,
  • Plan all music for each session in advance of Opening Day; email the plan for music to Associate Camp Director and Camp Director by Opening Day of each session,
  • Prepare slides to project all music in Program Center and work with another staff member to advance slides during music,
  • Lead music team and meet daily after lunch to briefly discuss music for evening and the next day; practice songs as necessary,
  • After Compline each night, escort campers to cabins with other counselors and carry out nightly responsibilities.


  • Be fully present at all activities, programs and meals,
  • Attend all staff meetings as required during the camp sessions,
  • Sleep in the cabins and supervise campers and junior counselors at all times,
  • Take on specific leadership tasks, such as leading games, arts and crafts, ropes course, and waterfront recreation,
  • Work with other counselors to plan and lead Counselors’ Program each evening and ensure that all campers are safe and having fun in a Christian environment,
  • Plan, work with other staff, and lead other programs in mornings and afternoons and ensure that all campers are safe and having fun in a Christian environment.
  • Meet individually with Camp Director and Associate Camp Director for regular “check-ins” to reflect on and discuss overall performance and development.

Junior Counselor

  • Be fully present and engage in all camp programs, activities and meals,
  • Supervise campers at all times and assist counselors, including cabin nightly devotions,
  • To serve as mentors and positive role models to campers, especially in Ohana groups and during Chaplains’ Program,
  • To support the work of the counselors with the intention to learn how to be a good counselor in the future.