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Interim Site Manager (through May 2019) -- Camp Marshall, Polson, MT (Diocese of Montana)

Camp Marshall is a year-round camp and retreat center facility located on beautiful Flathead Lake in Polson, Montana. Set on 27 acres and owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Montana, Camp Marshall has been serving rental groups and camp children across Montana and beyond since 1947. For more information see our website: https://www.campmarshallmontana.org/about_us.

The Interim Site Manager is responsible for the kitchen and housekeeping operations for scheduled rental groups at Camp Marshall.

Duties Include:

  1. Oversee Camp Marshall's kitchen; order and prepare (or supervise the ordering and preparation of) food for rental groups to include; utilize written guidelines for kitchen staff and volunteers; develop and utilize a regular rental menu; document temperatures as appropriate; document diners at each meal. (See documents: "Food Safety for Rental Groups," and "Using the Hobart”); maintain (or hire services to maintain) kitchen and dining equipment; and hire a substitute cook or other dining facility help to assist with rental groups of more than 30 participants.
  2. Provide hospitality to rental groups including: consistent housekeeping services to rental groups and document those services; if rental groups are not self-cleaning, arrange for cleaning services between rental groups; order and store housekeeping supplies; inspect and document inspection of facilities to ensure their safety; provide orientation to all rental groups upon their arrival on camp; provide a report within three days of the conclusion of each rental group with information relevant to billing, weekend expenses, special needs, and appropriate follow-up with group members. Enforce rental policies and procedures for all groups; and communicate with the diocesan office weekly to confirm rental group plans.
  3. Maintain the camp office in good working order to include: ensuring that office equipment remains in efficient working condition and that the camp telephone and internet service are in good working order; ordering office supplies as necessary; maintaining a clean facility.


  • Wage: $471.00 per week
  • Housing and utilities.
  • $50.00 monthly cell phone allowance.