ECCC's Visionary & Advocacy Council Program (VCP) founded in 2003, is the group of our community leaders with a passion for the ministry of retreat centers and summer camps.

Through their year-round support and participation at an annual in-person retreat, council members help broaden the goals of the ECCC Board of Directors and provide opportunities that help all camps and centers thrive.

“Episcopal camps and conference centers are the heart of the Church. They are places where faith is formed and lived at a deep level, where Gospel-centered communities take root, where folks can reflect, recharge, gain perspective. Supporting these centers through ECCC’s Visionary Council is not only a chance to meet interesting people who are inspired by this vision – it’s a way to help create a more hopeful and healthy world.” —Canon Mark Farmer (Diocese of California)


2018 Retreat

This year's retreat will be at Shrine Mont in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Monday 4pm, October 15th - Wednesday 1pm, October 17th.

Detailed information here.


To be eligible for Visionary Council, you must be at least one of the following categories.
+ Contribute to the operational health of ECCC through in-kind donations
+ Contribute to the financial health of ECCC through an annual $500 donation
+ An Active or Retired Bishop
+ An Active or Retired Director of dues paying ministry
+ On A Board of Directors, Board of Trustees or Advisory Board of an ECCC ministry


Please contact our Director Bill Slocumb, if interested in learning more.


Thank you to our current 2018 Visionary Council members: 

The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior (Council Chair)

The Rt. Rev. Laura Ahrens

The Rev. Jack Andersen

Paris Ball and Maria Gullickson

Peter and Vicki Bergstrom

Joe and Sharon Chamberlain

David and Ingrid Cook

Bill and Nancy Davies

Don and Rita DeLollis

The Rev. Eleanor Ellsworth

Scott Evenbeck

Mark and Jeanie Farmer

The Rev. Stephen Fregeau

The Rev. Helen and Rick Hargreaves

Bob and Marjie Hart

Laurie Kazilionis

Johnny and Fran Keesee

Joe and Donna Kerner

Lisa Kimball

The Rt. Rev. Edward Konieczny

The Rt. Rev. Jose McLaughlin

Daniel McMullen

Patty Olson-Lindsey

The Rt. Rev. Ken and Mariann Price

The Rt. Rev. David Reed

Richard Schori

The Revs. Carol and Wes Sedlacek

Bronwyn Clark Skov

Bill Slocumb

Bill and Phyllis Tubbs

Natalie and Jeff Weir




2009 - The Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw, SSJE

2012 - The Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori

  Dr. Richard Schori

2015 - The Rt. Rev. Gary Lillibridge & Catherine Lillibridge

- Canon Peter Bergstrom


Past Visionary Council Events

+2017 Beckwith

+2016 St. Crispin's

+2015 Roslyn

+2014 Barbara C. Harris Center

+2013 Mustang Island

+2012 Honey Creek

+2011 Duncan Center

+2010 Waycross

+2009 St. Columba

+2008 Chapel Rock

+2007 Lake Logan

+2006 Barbara C. Harris Center

+2005 Procter Center

+2004 St. Christopher's

+2003 Canterbury, Kanuga