Cornerstone Internship -- Heartland Center, Parkville, MO (Presbyterian)

The Cornerstone Internship program is for people seeking to learn more about camping and youth ministry within an intentional faith community. The year-long program gives participants an extensive understanding of how a Christian camp and retreat center operates. Interns live and work at Heartland Center in Parkville, Missouri as well as work in churches in and around Kansas City, Missouri. Interns are paid with room and board, a meal stipend, and a bi-weekly paycheck. As part of the Cornerstone Internship, there is a trip to Israel and several other trips for continuing education.

Interns must be at least 18 years old, physically able to walk trails, and able to lift 60 pounds. Working all day on their feet and working outside during all seasons is common. Interns must also have flexibility of scheduling which days they have off each week.

Send cover letter and resume to program@heartlandcenter.org.


Alabama Folk School Intern -- Camp McDowell (Diocese of Alabama)

The Alabama Folk School (AFS) at Camp McDowell internship is designed to introduce young professionals to arts administration within a non-profit camp and conference center work environment. Interns at the Alabama Folk School will acquire valuable professional skills during their service period and make contact with potential future employers within and outside of the arts community.

The AFS internship is an ideal opportunity for recent college graduates looking for unique experiences to help them determine their vocational path.


  • Serving in administrative roles to support AFS and its programs, including registration and marketing. 
  • Acting as a liaison and host to AFS students and instructors during programs. 
  • Shadowing opportunities to connect with artists and musicians at their studios, businesses, and galleries.


  • The eight-month position runs from January through August 2017. 
  • The intern will work an average of five days per week. Some evening and weekend work is required. 


  • Weekly stipend of $275 
  • On-site Room and Board 
  • Up to two weeks of unpaid leave

SUBMIT RESUME AND COVER LETTER TO: Lisa Marie Ryder, Director, 105 DeLong Road Nauvoo, AL 35578 folkschool@campmcdowell.com.


Episcopal Service Corps -- St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle, WA (Diocese of Olympia)

Seattle Service Corps internship program is a chance for young adults to explore their faith and discern their vocational call, while working for justice-driven causes and being a part of this faith community. A year spent here is a commitment to:

  • Living in intentional Christian community
  • Serving 32 hours per week at a local church or nonprofit 
  • Becoming integrated into the life of a local Episcopal congregation 
  • Participating in the worshiping and communal life of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral 
  • Discerning questions of personal growth, spiritual transformation, and vocational call 
  • Learning a new way to live out the revolutionary faith we are called to in Jesus Christ
Apply via the Episcopal Service Corps website


Camp Leadership Intern -- Camp Stevens, Julian, CA (Dioceses of Los Angeles and San Diego)

Camp Stevens has open positions for residential camp and retreat center interns. This is an opportunity for an energetic, creative, responsible, and self‐motivated person who enjoys working with people in a natural setting to learn and grow at a professional, community‐based and environmentally‐conscious camp.   

The candidate’s work will include the following:   

  1. Leading youth and adult groups in Environmental Education and Teambuilding programs. This will often include overnight cabin counseling.
  2. Acting as liaison and host to weekend retreat groups. This includes management of the dining and sleeping facilities as well as communication and orientation for each retreat group and their leaders. 
  3. Working to maintain the facilities and grounds of the camp with maintenance work and regular tasks such as forestry, dishwashing, cleaning buildings, garden work, etc.
  4. Participating in a working and living community. This will include regular community feedback sessions, meetings, and social gatherings. 

These ten‐month positions run from mid‐August to early June, and offer the opportunity to extend into a two‐year contract.  Benefits include Health/Dental/Vision insurance, paid vacation and monthly stipend.  Meals and on‐site housing are provided and are a requirement of the position. Staff works an average of 5 days per week.

Camp Stevens is located in Julian, California, in the mountains of San Diego County, is owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and serves both the Diocese of Los Angeles and San Diego.

A detailed job description is available on Camp Stevens's website. Interested candidates should email cover letter and resume to Trevor Graham‐Wilcox, Associate Director, at trevor@campstevens.org.


Intern for Environmental Mission -- St. Columba/City of Soul, Memphis, TN (Diocese of West Tennessee)

St. Columba’s motto is to be a Natural Sanctuary for God’s People. St. Columba’s 145-acre campus provides retreat and camp space for nearly 7,000 annual visitors. Its unique campus in relationship to the surrounding city of Memphis provides a rich canopy of trees, woods, fields, a 4.5-acre stream-fed lake, hiking trails and gravel roads. In 2015, St. Columba became a work site for City of Soul, an Episcopal Service Corps site in Memphis, Tennessee. Funded and organized by Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Church of the Holy Communion, the program offers housing, stipend and meaningful service and discernment work for post-college young people. Living in intentional community, Episcopal Service Corps members have weekly gatherings with the ESC Program Director (Episcopal Priest), and are expected to maintain a relationship with their supporting parish (in this case Grace-St. Luke’s). 

The Intern for Environmental Mission will provide research and sustainable plans in enhancing the experience at St. Columba by encouraging an intentional missional relationship with nature and the outdoors. Gardening, composting, service project, intentional food sourcing, development of contemplative and recreational outdoor program areas, developing a nature-exploration program for day camp are all roles the intern leads and coordinates with the input of the advisory team. The previous Intern for Environmental Mission created a partnership with Thistle & Bee, a non-profit organization that uses apiaries, flower & herb gardens to produce products that can be sold to create jobs and workforce development programs for woman affected by addiction and prostitution in Memphis. In addition to the roles as identified above, this new intern will continue to steward that partnership, deepening the relationship between the two organizations and becoming a vital part of the missional work of Thistle & Bee. This may include producing and selling products at farmers markets, working in the Thistle & Bee gardens & apiaries, fundraising & grant writing, and attending meetings. 

Essential Functions- Environmental Mission 

  1. Continue & expand the PEAS BE WITH YOU Garden, an herb and vegetable garden that we hope will begin to be used in the food preparation in St. Columba’s kitchen
  2. Manage compost & recycling programs (take recycling to local centers once a week and use all weekend compostable waste)
  3. Create landscape and gardening plans to create inviting places for guests/campers to congregate or contemplate
  4. With professional assistance, create a forest, creek, erosion, or land management plan identifying useful or harmful special and create processes to address needs
  5. Create nature trail signage, tree/plant identification
  6. Assist with maintenance of trails and paths around property. Erosion control and tree pruning along trails. May involve working with volunteer groups to spread mulch or other trail maintenance.
  7. Develop several different guided naturalist hikes to offer groups. Plant life, wildlife and geology hikes 
  8. Assist facilities department in utility conservation including implementation of new energy saving technology
  9. Develop a nature-study and environmental awareness curriculum for use at day and overnight camps 

Essential Functions- Thistle & Bee Partnership

  1. Regularly volunteer to assist in management of Thistle & Bee gardens and apiaries, particularly the ones at St. Columba
  2. Work with Thistle & Bee leadership to produce and sell teas, lemonades, bouquets and herb-blends for sale through local farmers markets and vendors
  3. Manage and coordinate any supportive maintenance work that Thistle & Bee needs from St. Columba (mowing, weed eating, chain sawing)
  4. Coordinate volunteer work-days or workshop days (typically Saturdays) to involve donors, stakeholders and interested parties.  

Other Functions- St. Columba

  1. Provide hospitality to all guests and campers at St. Columba. Occasionally serve as host for events. 
  2. Support fundraisers, housekeeping, maintenance, administrative processes
  3. Keep directors inform of emerging needs, personal needs, professional needs
  4. Learn and execute high adventure programs at the center 

Other Functions- City of Soul & Episcopal Service Corps 

  1. Committed to the purpose of City of Soul & the Episcopal Service Corps, and supportive of the intentional community and service work inherent to the project
  2. Maintain a relationship and at least occasional attendance at Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in accordance with the expectations of City of Soul Program Director
  3. Be available for monthly meetings & retreats with City of Soul Program Director
  4. Live in intentional community with up to three others. 
    1. Take turns cooking/cleaning
    2. Weekly reflections/discernment/personal formation work
    3. Work through issues and support each other in doing service work 

Position Requirements  

  • Ability to do manual labor
  • Ability to work with little supervision & to work independently
  • Ability to learn to operate and maintain light-duty maintenance equipment
  • Passion for nature and environmental practices
  • Patience and resolve: ability to motivate staff who aren’t familiar or concerned with environmental principles
  • Be hospitable, friendly, outgoing, motivated
  • Clear and professional communicator
  • Mission-driven
  • Must have a valid driver’s license & vehicle in order to drive to and from home & work. Public transportation is not available between Midtown residence and St Columba. 

Education Level

  • Four (4) year college degree, preferably in environmental studies, social service, sciences, or recreation management. 
  • Computers: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel 
  • Communication Skills
    • Writing:  Write editorials, emails, speeches, and manuals
    • Speaking:  Able to effectively and persuasively communicate policies, plans, etc. to all stakeholders
  • Physical Demands
    • This person in this position is required to move around the buildings and traverse the property, especially in emergency situations and during work projects
    • Regularly operates a computer and other office productivity machinery such as copiers, and printers
    • Regularly positions self to maintain equipment and machinery including in cold weather & hot weather
    • Must be able to exchange accurate information with guests and all stakeholders 

Core Behavioral Competencies 

  • Attention to Detail—Able to follow-detailed procedures and ensure accuracy in documentation and data.  Carefully monitor processes.  Organizes and maintains a system of records.
  • Commitment to Task—Able to take responsibility for actions and outcomes and persists in spite of obstacles.  Demonstrates dependability in difficult circumstances and shows a sense of urgency about getting results. 
  • Coping—Able to maintain a solution-oriented approach while dealing with interruptions and interpersonal conflict.
  • Service Focus—Able to demonstrate a high level of service delivery.  Able to be of service to difficult people.  Deal effectively and proactively with service failures.  Effectively prioritizes stakeholder and public needs.
  • Flexibility—Able to perform a wide range of tasks and change focus quickly as demands change. Manage transitions effectively from task to task.  Effectively adapts to varying stakeholder and public needs.
  • Quality—Able to maintain high standards despite pressing deadlines.  Does the work right the first time.  Reinforces excellence as fundamental priority.
  • Team Work—Able to share due credit with coworkers.  Displays enthusiasm and promotes a friendly group working environment.  Works closely with other groups as necessary.  Supports group decisions and solicits opinions from coworkers.  Displays team spirit.
  • Independence—The primary nature of St. Columba’s work as a camp and hospitality ministry keeps the remainder of the St. Columba staff busy managing events. The intern needs to mostly work independent of these staffers, identify personal workload and position priorities, work alone to carry out complicated projects, and identify and recruit volunteers/partners so that St. Columba’s identity changes over time to adopt a mission of environmental stewardship in addition to camp/hospitality.  

Apply ASAP, by applying at http://episcopalservicecorps.org/ and listing CITY OF SOUL, MEMPHIS as your #1 choice. If you have questions or have someone in mind for this position, please be in touch with Brad Thompson at St. Columba.