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Executive Director — Gray Center, Canton, MS (Diocese of Mississippi)

The Duncan M. Gray Camp & Conference Center is located 30 miles north of Jackson, the capital of Mississippi and home to our diocesan office. The property is 750 acres—500 to the north and 250 to the south of Way Road, with our twin entrances located directly across the road from one another. Our Bishop, leadership, and people are deeply invested in both the camp and conference center as places of ministry and transformation. These places are among the cornerstones of the identity of the Diocese of Mississippi.

Onn the north side of the road lies our Conference Center, an 80-bed facility which hosts a wide array of commercial and diocesan events (including our yearly clergy conference, the Mississippi Music & Liturgy Conference, a liturgical arts conference, quilting gatherings, Cursillos and more). The Conference Center boasts two large meeting spaces, both able to be subdivided into two smaller rooms, as well as smaller gathering space in our cottages (three buildings containing 16 beds each, with cozy common areas and kitchens).

The south side of the road is home to Camp Bratton-Green & the Big House. Since the 1940s, we have held summer camps in this space, named after two of our former Bishops. The facilities at camp include eight cabins capable of sleeping 160 individuals as well as the Big House, a 15-bedroom, spacious house with comfortable common areas and a lovely screened porch near the entrance to the south side of the property. Our summer camping program consists of 11 sessions—two camps each for children in the 3rd and 4th, the 5th and 6th, and the 7th through 9th grades. We also hold Special Sessions (for mentally and physically disabled people of all ages) and one shortened “intro” camp for 1st- and 2nd-graders and their parents. Outside of summer we still have a good bit going on at Bratton-Green with our Winter Solstice camp (Dec. 26th-Jan 1st) for 9th-12th grades, weekend-long diocesan youth retreats for Sr. and Jr. High, and our new Camp Able program (weekend retreats for special needs individuals).

Currently, the main challenges facing the Gray Center are financial, and the Bishop and Board of Managers need in our next Executive Director someone that can address those issues. We firmly believe that we offer a unique opportunity for retreat and reflection in our area with our conference center and that our camp programming changes lives and is second to none. In order to make these beloved offerings sustainable, we are seeking an Executive Director with the experience and ability to oversee faithful stewardship of our buildings and grounds. Likewise, it is our hope that our next Executive will have energy around marketing and advertisement to help make us known to potential guests of all types.

Resume and cover letter should be sent by August 19 the Rt. Rev. Brian Seague: P.O. Box 23107, Jackson, MS 39225-23107 or brseage@dioms.org.

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