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Chaplain -- St. Edward's Episcopal School, Vero Beach, FL (Diocese of Central Florida)

Position Purpose: To act as Chaplain to Lower, Middle and Upper School students, faculty, staff, and administration and, by extension to their families - Provide a link to the Episcopal Church - Teach in the areas of Ethics, Religion and Biblical studies.

Essential Functions:


  • Must demonstrate and support the School’s Mission.
  • Must have the ability to get along with and deal effectively with all school personnel and school families, as well as the larger business and educational community.
  • Willingness to perform in a manner that reflects positively on Saint Edward’s School.
  • As a member of the SES team, perform all other duties as requested by the Head of School or other Administrators.

Administrative Duties

  • Counsel students, faculty and parents in spiritual matters as necessary at the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools.
  • Provide leadership role in organizing Chapel Services at both the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools.
  • Organize and direct the Baccalaureate Service, Commissioning of the seniors and other liturgical events.
  • Help educate the school community on the Honor Code and matters of integrity and ethical values.
  • Serve as a member of the Wellness Team.
  • Represent the school, with the Head of School, to the Central Florida Episcopal Schools' Association.
  • Assist the School Counselor and Dean, when asked, on special educational programs (e.g. Honor Code, Code of Ethics, Character development, and drug and alcohol awareness) which effect the well-being of the school community.
  • Assist the Dean of Students, when asked, on school community outreach programs.
  • Be directly responsible to the Head on matters related to the spiritual aspects of the school.
  • Serve on Faculty Committees as appointed by the Head.
  • Serve as highly visible, accessible parent resource and point of contact, to help as parents/families integrate with the Saint Edward’s community, transition from one division to another, or encounter their own uncertainty as their children take on new challenges.
  • Regularly interface with teachers, counselors, coaches and others in the Saint Edward’s community to identify students at-risk in all three divisions.
  • Whenever and wherever possible, serve as a Saint Edward’s ambassador to the community-atlarge.
  • Teach classes as assigned by the Head of School and Division Heads.
  • Serves on staff as an associate clergyman of Trinity Episcopal Church in Vero Beach.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Must be an ordained Episcopal Priest willing and able to work under the authority of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida.
  • Must have teaching experience with excellent communication skills and ability to work with and reach youth.

Physical Requirements: Works at desk and computer screen for extended periods of time / able to operate office equipment.

Position Title: Chaplain

Date Modified: January, 2019

FLSA Classification: Exempt Position

Reports to: Head of School, and to the Lower, Middle, and Upper School Division Head


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