On-Call Program Staff -- All Saints Camp & Conference Center, Pottsboro, TX (Diocese of Texas)

Camp All Saints is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. Reflecting the basic principles of the Christian Faith, Camp All Saints provides quality programs and facilities that promote positive character development. All persons in the employ of the camp are expected to be familiar with and supportive of the basic polity and practice of The Episcopal Church. Camp All Saints works with two mission statements, one for the Environmental Ed Program and another for our Christian Formation programs:

  • OUR MISSION for the summer programs is sharing the glory of God in creation and the love of Christ in word and deed.
  • Our MISSION for our environmental education programs is: To promote environmental stewardship, personal growth & academic excellence through theintegration of a solid core curriculum & challenging team building activities.
    • Providing safe, clean, fun classes and adventures that promote environmental stewardship and personal growth for guests of Camp All Saints.
    • Provide and nurture a learning center atmosphere, where ideas are exchanged and student/teacher relationships, both secular and theological, are facilitated and respected. Further employment privileges and responsibilities are found in the policy and procedures manual provided each employee.

Summary: There are On-Call Program staff who share the responsibility of serving as the primary persons immediately available to our guests during the year. As part of a larger program team it is understood that “On-Call” staff work collaboratively with each other and staff in different departments to meet theneeds of our guests.

This is a dynamic position for individuals seeking to develop skills in; ministry formation, education, and human services in a camp setting. This position is ideal for a college graduate or person pursuing a degree with and emphasis in:

  • Christian Formation
  • Environmental studies
  • Professional Educator
  • Adventure Programming
  • Outdoor Environmental Education
  • Guest Services & Marketing

Expectations of the position during the year:

  • To serve as a role model and leader in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas summer programs.
  • To assist with summer staff development and its summer program.
  • To serve schools as a presenter of Outdoor Education for students, primarily in 4 – 5th grade. This can be younger up to grade 12 for the duration of the school year. This program is called Journey on Lake Texoma or “JOLT”
  • To be responsible to receive groups using the camp as renters and help them utilize the camps resources on a year-round basis.
  • To serve as a facilitator in Adventure Activities for the duration of the year for our user groups. These include; waterfront, low ropes (or challenge course), High Ropes, Archery and Mountain Biking.

To be close to the people we serve On-Call Program staff are expected to live on the camp site as part of their duties and responsibilities. For more information go to: http://campallsaints.com/aboutus/employment.html.

  • Reports To: Executive Director, Program Director or their designee
  • Employee Category: II
  • Salary Range: $16,500 - $22,400
    • Also:
      • Housing
      • 10% Retirement
      • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
      • Food (whenever groups are in camp)
      • Training costs for certifications needed by the camp are also covered
      • Unemployment is not provided

For more information go to: http://campallsaints.com/aboutus/employment.html.


Food Service Manager -- Camp Wingmann, Avon Park, FL (Diocese of Central Florida)

Camp Wingmann, located in Avon Park, Florida has an opening for a Food Service Manager. The camp is known for its kid-friendly & delicious meals. We are looking for an experienced cook and kitchen manager who loves young people and enjoys the ministry of making good food. The job is part-time during the school year as we host about 16-weekend groups and is full-time during June and July for our summer camp. Must have food service manager certification. Salary is negotiable. The job begins in mid to late August.


  • Must love kids
  • Keep careful inventory
  • Plan menus
  • Order all food
  • Maintain a spotless kitchen
  • Friendly personality
  • Supervise and coordinate all culinary activities
  • Ensure a high quality of ingredients and food preparation
  • Train and manage kitchen personnel
  • Create and adjust staff schedules to meet camp needs
  • Adhere to all safety and sanitation regulations

Job Qualifications: 

  • Hard worker
  • Sees cooking as a ministry
  • Food manager experience plus certification
  • Previous experience in food service or other related fields
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail

Send application, resume, references, questions to: campwingmann@gmail.com.


Director -- Sandscrest Retreat Center, Diocese of West Virginia (Wheeling, WV)

Director of the Sandscrest Retreat Center


The Sandscrest Foundation seeks to advance the educational, scientific, religious, charitable or other public benevolent use of its facilities, in keeping with benefactor Harry Sands' vision for his farm and adjoining property.


The Sandscrest Retreat Center is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia.  The Director is an employee of the Sandscrest Foundation, Inc.. The ministry of the Director is conducted in conjunction with, and under the direction of, the Sandscrest Board of Directors. The Director shall implement board policies, keep the board informed and updated regarding all operations of Sandscrest, and serve as an ex officio member of the Board. The Director shall participate in the development of the Board of Directors in a manner that will enhance the overall decision-making with board members. In coordination with the Board of Directors, the Director will provide recommendations to the Bishop for the enhancement and improvement of Sandscrest operations and facilities in an ongoing manner.


The Director is responsible for the operation of Sandscrest’s facilities and its business administration. The Director will work with the Board of Directors in the development of an operating budget. The Director is also responsible for:

  • enforcement of policies established by the Board of Directors
  • fund-raising and grant writing opportunities
  • ensuring all diocesan audit rules are met
  • scheduling and coordinating all site activities and events
  • managing the rental properties and farming lease
  • preparing or supervising the preparation of required reports, records, lists, and all other paperwork
  • efficient maintenance and safekeeping of all records and important papers
  • providing orientation for new staff members and an annual refresher training session for all staff members on the operations and policies in force at Sandscrest
  • ensuring successful personnel background checks are conducted, completed, and on file
  • employing, directing, and supervising Sandscrest staff and adjunct personnel, including the management of business affairs related to their employment
  • ensuring all interactions with staff and persons utilizing Sandscrest are handled with discretion, tact, and courtesy

Center Programs

The Director will closely monitor all program activities conducted at Sandscrest to ensure compliance with applicable standards of expectations and safety whether groups are from within or outside the diocese.

The Director will:

  • participate, with the Board, in visioning
  • immediately suspend any activity that is deemed, in the Director’s opinion, to be harmful or potentially harmful to person or property
  • ensure proper training is provided to all personnel as required by current state and county ordinances, The Episcopal Church canons, and diocesan canons and policy
  • maintain accurate records for event attendance and utilization of Sandscrest resources
  • ensure that either the Director, or designee, is readily available on-site at all times when facilities are in use

Marketing and Promotion

In conjunction with and as directed by the Board of Directors, the Director is responsible for identifying and developing marketing opportunities in the Diocese of West Virginia, our neighboring diocese and the dioceses of Province III. Publicity and promotion is to be directed foremost to Episcopal, ecumenical, and other not-for-profit groups. Of special concern is increasing the visibility of Sandscrest in the life and mission of the diocese. The Director shall:

  • be prepared to make, at the invitation of the Bishop, an annual presentation at Diocesan Convention, reporting the activities of Sandscrest and promoting its programs and use by the parishes represented at convention
  • seek an invitation to the convention of the Dioceses of Pittsburgh, Ohio, and Southern Ohio for the purpose of exhibiting and promoting the Sandscrest Retreat Center
  • at a minimum, make a visit to each of the deaneries annually, making a presentation promoting Sandscrest and parish retreat opportunities
  • submit an article of interest for potential publication in each Dayspring issue
  • Build and enhance effective relationships within Wheeling, the diocese and region
  • Serve as effective public spokesperson and “face” consistently and frequently

Physical Facilities and Operations

The Director is responsible for the proper maintenance, cleanliness, security, and inventory of all buildings, equipment, and grounds. The Director is responsible for taking prudent measures in all aspects of hospitality including lodging, food service, budgeting, personnel supervision, and purchasing. The Director will ensure that standards are in compliance with applicable state and county regulations and statutes.

Compensation: The Director’s amenities include: salary, health insurance, vacation commensurate with tenure, retirement, and business travel reimbursement. The Board of Directors would give emphasis to applicants who are active, faithful church members and have a college degree. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Candidates will need to undergo a background check and a drug test before being hired.

All interested persons should forward a current resume to The Rev. Mark E. Seitz, mseitz@stmatts.com and to The Rt. Rev. William M. Klusmeyer, mklusmeyer@wvdiocese.org. The deadline for accepting resumes is June 15, 2018.

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