Consulting Services

Sometimes the questions are too big, long-standing, or intertwined to be answered internally. ECCC’s consultants can help.

“The expertise of ECCC’s consulting team is incomparable.” - Consulting Client

Consulting Areas


Includes working with bishop, board or search committee to develop a search profile, process, and timeline, and may include collaborating on a job description, phone interviews, reference checks, and in-person interviews.

Site & Facilities assessment

Includes a tour of all buildings, utilities and program facilities (i.e. pools, ropes courses, etc.). Consultants will look at conditions, usage, and location of buildings as it relates to existing programming, guest groups, and future needs.

Intercultural Competency & Development

Includes working with a specific team (i.e. seasonal staff) or entire organization to assess its ability and willingness to authentically and effectively work with and serve diverse groups, and make a strategic plan to improve individual skills and organizational systems. May include additional assessment on conflict resolution styles. Here is a sample of the type of report your organization will receive following the assessment and individual debriefs. Requires $21/person assessment fee, in addition to consulting fees.

general operations assessment

Include site and facility assessment, as well as a review of mission statement and other guiding documents, finance and business systems, staffing model, and risk management.

program assessment

Includes review of mission, values, current programming, objectives and outcomes, staff training, budgets, and program space. Consultants will facilitate program leadership in a process to consider factors like program quality, relationships with the diocese, parishes, and local communities, and risk management.

mission & strategic planning

Consultants facilitate a collaborative process that helps centers set direction and establish priorities for their ministry, defining your organization’s view of success and prioritizing activities that will make this view your reality. The strategy will help your organization clearly identify what to work on and prioritize.

Foundations for Master Plans:

Needs vary dramatically for master plans; please contact ECCC directly to discuss consulting options.

Specific Projects

Contact ECCC to discuss consulting assistance on Marketing or Staff Teambuilding.


A typical ECCC consulting project has
four phases:

  1. Contracting: We work with you to get clarity on your challenges, stakeholders, and timeline, and agree on project goals, parameters, and cost. 2-3 weeks

  2. Discovery: We work with you to gather information so that we can understand the organization and site. This may include a site tour, gathering documents, and interviews with key staff and stakeholders. 1-3 weeks

  3. Analysis: The consultant(s) take the information gathered to consider the original challenges and questions posed. 2-4 weeks

  4. Recommendations: A formal report is provided to the contracting organization.


Rates begin at $850 per day, per consultant, plus travel costs.

ECCC is committed to sustaining and supporting Episcopal camps and retreat centers, and if these rates are unattainable to your organization at this time, please be in touch to discuss other options.

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