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ABCs of Life Art Print

If your Facebook algorithm is anything like mine, you may have seen this sweet (as in precious moreso than rad) print floating around. I can so imagine it hanging in staff housing, or would love to see a postcard size for sending mid-year messages to campers.

The Darwin Convention Centre launched a Seven Seasons menu, designed as a culinary journey inspired by the Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) Seasons. The Larrakia people are the traditional owners of the region. The menu provides guests the opportunity to experience the dramatic changes of the Gulumoerrgin seasons and the corresponding impact these changes have on the sights, sounds, landscape and natural habitat.

What inspiration can our conference centers glean from this initiative?

Perhaps because so much of the leadership in our Episcopal camps and conference centers is by lay people, I’ve been particularly aware lately of movements and reflections that are navigating the spaces between clergy and lay. There’s the ongoing discussion around pension parity, and this piece from Samantha Haycock (who, it just so happens, will be our Annual Conference chaplain) on Valuing the Vocation of Lay Ministers.

Changes to the tax code have made many of us in the non-profit world anxious: Without a tax incentive, will individuals be as inclined to donate? The first data is in.

Here's a breakdown of some of the giving changes from 2017 to 2018:

  • Giving by individuals dropped 1.1%, or 3.4% when adjusted for inflation.

  • Corporate giving increased 5.4% (2.9% adjusted).

  • Foundation giving increased 7.3% (4.7% adjusted).

Specific fields that saw decreased giving include religion, education, human services, and giving to foundations and public society benefit organizations. Health as well as arts, culture, and humanities saw small increases in nominal dollars which translated to a slight decrease when adjusted for inflation.

Equity recognizes that not only do we vary demographically, but not all individuals start from the same place. Some have a head start and more influence than others. Equity assigns the same intrinsic value to each person. Every voice matters, and every voice has weight. Equity is the intentional modeling of a just working environment, one that is self-aware and self-sustaining, engaged in challenging intentional and unintentional forms of bias and discrimination while promoting wholesome, fair alternatives.

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But it turns out that risk and potential go hand in hand. We need to let children, including college students, risk getting hurt. Protection from pain guarantees weakness, fragility and greater suffering in the future. The discomfort may be physical, emotional or intellectual — My ankle! My feelings! My worldview! — and all need to be experienced to learn and grow.