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Changes to the tax code have made many of us in the non-profit world anxious: Without a tax incentive, will individuals be as inclined to donate? The first data is in.

Here's a breakdown of some of the giving changes from 2017 to 2018:

  • Giving by individuals dropped 1.1%, or 3.4% when adjusted for inflation.

  • Corporate giving increased 5.4% (2.9% adjusted).

  • Foundation giving increased 7.3% (4.7% adjusted).

Specific fields that saw decreased giving include religion, education, human services, and giving to foundations and public society benefit organizations. Health as well as arts, culture, and humanities saw small increases in nominal dollars which translated to a slight decrease when adjusted for inflation.

There are many different types of giving societies that a non-profit can set up, based on its needs.  Some of the most common types of groups include:

– Major Donor Groups:  Donor clubs focused on major givers

– Mid-Level Donor Groups:  Donor clubs focused on mid-level givers

– Minor Donor Groups:  Donor clubs focused on small-dollar ($5, $25, $100, etc.) level supporters

– Annual Giving Clubs:  Groups comprised of those who make a qualifying-level donation each and every year

– Monthly Giving Clubs:  Giving societies centered on those who sign-up for monthly (recurring) credit card giving

– Legacy Societies:  Donor club for those who have pledged a bequest or planned gift to the non-profit

– Young Professionals Groups:  Focused on those under a certain age who have given a certain amount to the organization

– Affinity Groups:  Donor clubs focused on supporters who share one or more “affinities” or traits, such as geographical region, occupation, age, hobby, etc.

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