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I know your life is busy. I know you’re juggling a million and one things while trying to stay on top of your seemingly endless to-do list. Sure you enjoy the hustle (most of the time!) and you also thrive on the challenge. But sometimes you wonder if there was an easier way to get it all done.

Raise your hand if this speaks to you — and then read the suggestions for establishing a mental energy-boosting routine.

You may know that I have a 5-year old son, Jude. As I type this, he is throwing a tennis ball against the outside fence, having already “helped” with my work this morning — you should see how organized these stacks of paper are! I’ve never been a clock-in and clock-out kind of professional, a characteristic cemented after nine years of both working and living at Camp Stevens — because there’s nothing clock-in and clock-out about non-profit, summer camp, or retreat center work. (Can I get an Amen?)

ABCs of Life Art Print

If your Facebook algorithm is anything like mine, you may have seen this sweet (as in precious moreso than rad) print floating around. I can so imagine it hanging in staff housing, or would love to see a postcard size for sending mid-year messages to campers.

What would you say is your greatest productivity tool? Most professionals or entrepreneurs would probably cite an app--a project management platform, a time tracking tool, or some other tech gadget designed to help you get more done in a day. However, there may be something better to increase both your efficiency and your total level of production--and it doesn't require a device, an app, or a subscription.

Joyful businesspeople consider a wider range of scenarios and make more accurate decisions. Joyful negotiators are more likely to achieve win-win agreements. And it turns out it’s infectious: Joyful leaders spread positivity to their teams, increasing rates of effort and cooperation; and when salespeople exhibit joy, customers respond by spending more time in a store, giving higher satisfaction ratings, and expressing a greater likelihood to return.