Job: Program Director (Camp Mitchell, Arkansas)

Camp Mitchell Camp and Retreat Center has had a presence on beautiful Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton, Arkansas since 1936, and operates an annual summer camp and a year round retreat center. The full-time Program Director is part of the Leadership Team, attends regular staff meetings, and is responsible for overall Retreat Center programming and Summer Camp administration.

2019 was the kick-off year for an ECCC staff exchange program. Funded by a grant from the Episcopal Church’s Office of Formation, this program aims to:

  • Cultivate a new generation of Episcopal camping and retreat ministry leaders

  • Strengthen programs around the network with fresh ideas and energy

  • Broaden our programs’ hiring pools

  • Pursue ways of diversifying our camps’ staffs

  • Lovingly support young adult staff moving “out of the nest.”

  • Pay summer staff a fair wage

  • Make Episcopal camping leadership a visible, productive, and rewarding ministry path.

In this session, we’ll discuss the process, successes, and challenges of the program, and introduce an ECCC-wide Staff Exchange Program.

Camps and conference centers are inherently collaborative. Executive Directors must work hand-in-hand with the board chair to provide the comprehensive leadership the business requires — for both management and governance of the organization. Each person in this partnership was chosen for their unique skills and leadership abilities and they can accomplish great things working together. However, there are many things that can stand in the way of a good partnership — from differences in communication style to unnamed or unmet expectations. This workshop will explore the roles and responsibilities of the Board Chair and Executive Director, and how to help manage the complexities of their relationship.

You shouldn't take this workshop. believe your camp or conference center makes a powerful impact. In fact, you can stop reading right now. Doug, you believe sharing the story of your Ministry and Mission is one of the most important things we do as leaders. In this workshop, you'll look at real-world examples from classic literature, movies, television, sports marketing, and social media, while exploring how to more effectively engage your audience -- campers, parents, staff, congregations, donors -- and strengthen the impact of your messaging. You'll take home easy to implement tips, tricks, and best practices from the fields of psychology, communications, marketing, and fundraising you can put to work, right away, in your speaking engagements, presentations, written appeals, newsletters, and social media posts.

Projects with these purposes are preferred:

  • Find and establish connections between eco- and social justice;

  • Building practices of faith-based agriculture;

  • Engage the local community as partners and participants, fostering cooperation between communities of faith, civic, scientific and educational organizations;

  • Enhance faith formation, liturgical expression, theological understanding and community engagement;

  • Serve groups and/or regions that are vulnerable to environmental racism and climate change;

  • Able to articulate and show engagement with issues relating to environmental racism*

  • Encourage intergenerational engagement;

  • Demonstrate innovation and creativity; can be used as models for communities in different contexts;

  • Promote churchwide learning, understanding, storytelling, and practical application

  • Connect aspects of project to General Convention mandates as expressed through The Episcopal Church’s Vision for Creation Care.

Hear from panelists who are leaders in the ECCC network who have dedicated 15+ years to their work and ministry. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance, dedication, self-care, and professional decision-making are all essentials to a long-term career in camp and retreat ministry. This panel will provide a thorough "how-to" from experienced executive leaders.

In partnership with the Claggett Center and Diocese of Maryland, for 2020, ECCC will offer five full scholarships and 20 partial scholarships (accommodations and meals; the remaining balance will be $200) to the Annual Conference.

These scholarships are available to self-identifying members of underrepresented or marginalized populations, currently serving, or interested in serving, in rising leadership positions at an Episcopal summer camp, retreat center, or conference center. We invite you to consider with intentionality the members of your staff and community who may be interested in, contribute to, and benefit from attending ECCC’s Annual Conference, and support them in applying and attending.

I know your life is busy. I know you’re juggling a million and one things while trying to stay on top of your seemingly endless to-do list. Sure you enjoy the hustle (most of the time!) and you also thrive on the challenge. But sometimes you wonder if there was an easier way to get it all done.

Raise your hand if this speaks to you — and then read the suggestions for establishing a mental energy-boosting routine.

You may know that I have a 5-year old son, Jude. As I type this, he is throwing a tennis ball against the outside fence, having already “helped” with my work this morning — you should see how organized these stacks of paper are! I’ve never been a clock-in and clock-out kind of professional, a characteristic cemented after nine years of both working and living at Camp Stevens — because there’s nothing clock-in and clock-out about non-profit, summer camp, or retreat center work. (Can I get an Amen?)

A Prayer in the Storm

God of the Universe, at the dawn of creation, your Spirit breathed on the waters, making them the wellspring of all holiness. You created the oceans and rivers, and all that dwell within them, and at your word the wind and the waves were born.

The seasons follow your plan, and the tides rise and fall on your command. In both calm and storm, you are with us.

On the Sea of Galilee, even when the disciples began to fear, Jesus showed that he was Lord over the waters by rebuking the storms, so that all would know that even the wind and the waves obey him.

Creator God, we ask you to calm the wind and the waves of the approaching hurricane, and spare those in its path from harm. Help those who are in its way to reach safety. Open our hearts in generosity to all who need help in the coming days.

In all things and in all times, help us to remember that even when life seems dark and stormy, you are in the boat with us, guiding us to safety.


ABCs of Life Art Print

If your Facebook algorithm is anything like mine, you may have seen this sweet (as in precious moreso than rad) print floating around. I can so imagine it hanging in staff housing, or would love to see a postcard size for sending mid-year messages to campers.